Competent Employees Are Your Most Valuable Asset. 

We will connect you with the right people, either through direct recruiting or staff leasing. You should focus in your core expertise – we’ll take care of finding you the right employees.

Amiko – Passion For Flexible Working Solutions!

We are one of the leading and fastest growing HR solutions companies in Finland. Our success is built on our solid experience and extensive knowledge of the industry.

Specialist shortage often comes as a surprise – thanks to our large network, we’re able to connect you with the right people both quickly and cost-effectively. Our services include much more than just direct recruitment. We thrive to offer you comprehensive HR solutions.

Workplace Solutions Are Our Mission.


Staff Leasing

We offer flexible staff leasing solutions, so your company may focus fully in your core expertise, even during hectic times! We’ll connect you with the right people – if needed, even with a quick schedule. With our help you can make sure you have enough hands on deck even in quickly changing circumstances such as during sudden absences and surrogacy. We have a nationwide network of connections we utilise to find matching people for you.

Direct Recruitment

Save yourself time and trouble, and let Amiko help with your recruitment process. We’ll help your company fill your open positions with the right people through our website, various recruitment channels, social media, and print media.


With Amiko’s headhunting services we’ll offer you a confidential recruitment process and a suitable match for your company. With our help we’ll find you the expert you’re looking for, even if they’re not actively looking for a new job.

Expert Services

Work Ability Services

Amiko works together with pension and accident insurance companies in vocational rehabilitation.

We offer our full support, even during the early stages of solving work ability issues in organizations.

Suitability Assessment and Mapping

Staff is always a company’s most valuable asset – with Amiko’s help you’ll find the right answers for more efficient operation!

With our help you’ll find the right answers for more efficient teamwork and operations. Whenever you open new positions or recruit new people, we recommend assessing their work suitability and mapping their skills.

Employment Consultation

With Amiko’s help, you’ll never have to deal with employment matters on your own! 

We help organizations optimize their operations and discover the full potential of their employees. Employment consultation is one part of our services.


Does your business deal with fluctuating economy, employee co-operation negotiations, layoffs, or excessive fixed costs? Is your company growing at a rapid rate, are you short of people? Do you feel like your full potential is not utilized properly? Amiko can help you! We offer extensive outsourcing services for businesses.

Relocation Services

Our relocation service is a coaching process designed to increase participants’ capacity for managing their own careers.

We take care of the relocation service process for your company, and increase the participants’ ability to manage their own careers through a comprehensive job search system.

Payroll Management

Payroll Computation

Amiko offers businesses high quality and efficient payroll management.

By outsourcing your payroll you can achieve significant savings and improve risk management. We provide you a comprehensive payroll service that covers all stages of the process from payroll processing to reporting and electronic filing.


You can operate your payroll through the AmikoHR system. Collective labour agreements are included in the system, so it automatically calculates wages and takes into account holidays, holiday pay, expenses and allowances automatically.

In addition, the system provides clear reporting: it generates payroll, TYVI reports and stakeholder reports. All reports are made per employee, which makes it easier to forward them.

Accounting Services

Financial Administration and Accounting

Amiko provides comprehensive and personal accounting services nationwide. Verkkotilit Oy, which is a part of Amiko Group, is a full service financial management company with experience and expertise in electronic financial management, as well as competent and trained staff. All contact takes place online, so your physical location does not matter.


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